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Pathfinder Kayak

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Pathfinder Kayak
Available size:
Pathfinder Kayak: (Deflated): 300x100cm(118”x39”) (inflated): 300x90cm(118”x36”)
2 Person Kayak: 400x100cm(158”x39”) 400x90cm(158”x36”)

Pathfinder Kayak is designed for boating, cruising and exploring in rivers, lakes and shore. Reinforced 3-plyPVC material resists cuts and abrasions, easily repairable in the unlikely event of a puncture.


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Pathfinder Kayak

It combines the stability, security and ease of use of traditional inflatable with the speed and comfort. Portable and lightweight for being easily carrying. Two rudders on bottom for good control on direction.





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